Our Moms Deserve The Biggest Thank You - Here’s Why!

Our Moms Deserve The Biggest Thank You - Here’s Why!

They say a child grows up into an adult, but a mother always remains a mother. No matter how old we become, our mothers will always fuss over us, look out for us, cheer us up when the going gets tough and take pride in whatever we achieve.

We might have now become mums ourselves, however to our mothers, we are still little girls, right? Our moms still care for us, and at times, even tell us off for not behaving properly! Most of us may not have realised the importance of our mothers when we were growing up. But now that we are mothers ourselves, we realise what they went through when raising us. Let’s admit, parenting during our mothers’ times was more challenging and yet, our moms saw to it that we were happy, safe and protected.
Our moms deserve the biggest, ‘Thank You’ and here’s why:

They did not have the advantage of ‘childcare products’

Our mothers raised us at a time when products like diapers, fancy baby toys, wipes, breast pumps etc were probably not available. Yet they managed to keep us clean, dry and well fed. They probably were more confused than we were while raising us, and did not have the advantage of the internet to look for information or remedies.


They had to go through more challenging times

Back when we were children, issues such as harassment in the workplace, work life balance, difficult in laws and gender disparity were more prevalent.Yet, our mothers brought us up while bravely facing all these. They taught us to be strong and to believe in ourselves while going through numerous problems themselves.

They kept us safe and protected always

“Be careful.” “Come home on time and don’t talk to strangers.” “Eat well.” Our mothers made sure we were protected always. Another small but important aspect was protection from mosquitoes. Throughout our childhood, our moms had an All Out machine plugged in, which protected us from these little but dangerous pests. And like all of us, All Out too has evolved over the last 30 years, and continues to be our trusted protection partner for our family.



They taught us everything that we know

Our mothers are our first teachers. From taking our first steps to how to take care of our health, she taught us all. Her words of encouragement and advice still stand with us today and are etched in our hearts and memories. She taught us important values as well, and those make us who we are today. One of the values most mums would stress upon is trust, as this builds the foundation of a long lasting relationship.


Don’t our mothers deserve the biggest hug and Thank You? Like them, we will continue to safeguard our children and teach them the value of things that matter. Here’s to the joys of motherhood for moms all over the world.


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