Discover India's Treasure Of Lullabies For Your Baby's Peaceful Sleep

Discover India's Treasure Of Lullabies For Your Baby's Peaceful Sleep

Most new mothers would agree that the phrase, ‘sleep like a baby’ (meaning to sleep very well), doesn’t necessarily apply to newborns as newborns wake up every 2-3 hours! Putting your little one to bed can be quite a challenging task for parents and other caregivers. Rocking, patting and soothing a baby are some ways to coax a baby to sleep. However, listening to music is undoubtedly the best way to lull a baby into slumberland.


Experts advice new parents to play soft, soothing music during a baby’s naptime. Music inspires emotions and can soothe a little one. However, you would agree if we say that the most popular sleep music universally is lullabies.
Parents all over the world have been using lullabies to soothe their young ones and put them to sleep peacefully for at least 4,000 years.


The English word ‘lullaby’ is thought to come from the “lala” or “lulu” sounds made by mothers or nurses to calm children. 
“Bye” is another lulling sound, or a term to say “goodnight”. A lullaby, or so-called cradle song, has a story to soothe babies and small children to sleep. 


Lullabies are found in every culture and language. Here in India, every region has a lullaby that has been sung by mothers and grandmothers over thousands of years. Today, we might remember some of the lullabies our caregivers have sung to us, but our country is home to hundreds of beautiful, rich lullabies that are getting lost and forgotten over the years. What if we told you that you can now discover these hidden gems digitally?


On World Sleep Day, Duroflex, in its constant commitment to help India sleep better, has curated a collection of popular regional lullabies from across India to promote healthy sleeping habits amongst babies.


With this unique music series they are aiming to revive, celebrate and recreate India’s rich tradition of regional lullabies in a digitally convenient way for new age parents looking to inculcate healthy pre-sleep routines for their loved ones.


The series will be hosted by popular actor, philanthropist, and new mum Kalki Koechlin. This 6 episode series will feature top Indian singers including Monali Thakur, Shilpa Rao, Chinmanyi, Geetha Madhuri amongst others who will bring to you one Indian lullaby every week, reviving our rich cultural heritage with sounds of sleep starting March 19th.


Don’t forget to tune in this World Sleep Day on Duroflex’s YouTube channel and social platforms to Tune in every Friday to rediscover lullabies from different parts of India in languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi and understand why lullabies are good for sleep. Sounds of Sleep episode list as below.

Have a look at this to understand more. 


Here’s to healthy sleep habits for babies all over! 

About Duroflex 

They are India’s leading sleep solutions expert known for their wide range of premium mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories. Their five decades of expertise, best-in-class innovation and unrivaled trust is what helps them redefine the meaning of quality sleep for you.
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