Top 8 Mistakes New Parents Make

Top 8 Mistakes New Parents Make

We must admit that every new parent makes mistakes. And this is normal! People learn from mistakes. And honestly, being a parent is one of the hardest parts of life, and that too when you're a parent for the first time. Parenting is a learning process where you commit mistakes and then you become the master of it.

So, let’s now understand those 8 common mistakes that new parents make and how can they avoid them.

1. Getting Panicked for every Small thing

The most common mistake that new parents make is getting worried about every small thing related to their baby. And if you observe, parents spend their first couple of years simply getting panic. These things are baby food, baby sleep, baby cry, etc. So, if you’re among those panicking parents, then please think for a while, what you will get in this stressful situation. Therefore, be calm and don’t take much stress. Things will get settled in place and if you need any guidance or support, seek your doctor’s help.

2. Not letting the Baby Cry

Crying is an integral part of a baby’s life until he learns to speak. For babies, crying is a way to communicate or draw someone’s attention. Thus, do not get worried if your child is crying. However, make sure there is no visible underlying condition such as diaper rash, swollen belly, vomiting, fever, etc. For unusual crying, check for colic pain. Else, seek your doctor’s guidance.

3. Living in Guilt

This kind of feeling is usually felt by the new mothers. In medical terms, this phase is called postpartum depression. In this situation, the new mother starts feeling that she is not a good mother as she is unable to take care of her baby. And thus, she starts living under pressure and guilt.
Dear moms, please understand that you’re also a human being. You are not preloaded with motherhood hacks and tips. Just like others, you also need some time to adjust. Therefore, please stay well and calm. Eat healthily and take proper rest.

4. Breastfeeding Questions

New mothers are often concerned about whether their baby is getting enough milk. They start comparing themselves to other mothers. Thus, being under more stress also affects their breast milk production.
It is important to understand that the human body takes some time to adjust to a new environment and routine. And so does the mother's body. Initially, there is not much breast milk, however, with greater consumption, a mother's body starts producing more. In simple words, when the demand is high, so is the supply! And if a new mom takes more stress, it will affect her breast milk production.

5. Neglecting Oral Care in Baby

Oral care in babies is as important in adults. That’s true, we can not use any toothpaste nor toothbrush on the gums of the baby, but oral care can be maintained. Make sure you wipe your baby’s gums with a soft wet cotton cloth after each feeding session. This ensures good oral hygiene.

6. Not Sharing the Responsibilities

There is no harm in asking your spouse to help you with some household chores. It can be anything – chopping vegetables, cleaning baby feeding bottles, holding the baby for a while so that you can relax, etc. If you think that as a caregiver, it is your sole duty to take care of the child, then you are wrong. Involve your family in raising the child. This makes for good bonding.

7. Ignoring the health of New mother

This especially goes with all newly made fathers. When a baby comes to the house, he attracts the attention of every member towards him. And in between, we forget the new mom's health. It is a fact that the health of a mother is as important as the health of the newborn. If the mother is not physically or mentally fit, the child will not be able to stay fit. Thus, pay proper attention to the health of a new mother as well. Ask about her feelings, talk openly about what she wants to do, etc.

8. Trusting Unreliable Sources for Parenting Advice

Just because your neighbor says it’s okay for a baby to suck its thumb, does not prove that it is ‘actually’ correct. It may be right that they care for you and your baby but that does not mean that they are the experts. Therefore, if you are concerned about your baby’s health, growth and development, seek your doctor’s advice.


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