Heartburn In Pregnancy

Heartburn In Pregnancy

Indigestion can also be simply called Acid Reflux. It is very common in pregnancy. It is usually caused by hormonal changes and the pressure given to the stomach by the growing baby. Heartburn makes an expecting mother feel sick and discomfort in her chest followed by pain and burning sensations.

However, acid reflux can be ease out by making healthy changes in lifestyle and diet followed by prescribed medications that are safe during the pregnancy.

Symptoms of Heartburn in Pregnancy

Acidity during pregnancy is similar to normal day acidity, but its frequency increases. Its symptoms include:

  • Burning sensation and pain in the chest.
  • Feeling bloated or heavy.
  • Feeling sick.

The heartburn symptoms in pregnancy usually stay visible during the first trimester and the third trimester of pregnancy.

What to do to ease Heartburn in Pregnancy?

If the symptoms are mild, they can be ease out with healthy changes in lifestyle and diet.

Eat Healthily

It may be tempting to eat more during the pregnancy, so instead of eating anything, eat healthily. Take small meals at every regular interval. Remember, not to overeat.

Drink Plenty of water in a day

You may be able to control your acidity with a sufficient intake of fresh water in a day. Water helps to suppress down the acid formation due to its neutral pH level. Thus, keep a bottle of water with you and keep sipping it throughout the day.

Furthermore, cut down your intake of coffee or carbonated beverages. They are not taken as healthy drinks for a pregnancy.

Stop Eating Junks

Junk foods are those foods that add up lots of calories giving less nutritional value. These junk foods are not at all good, especially for an expecting mother. During the pregnancy, an expecting mother requires more nutrition so that it can help as well as her baby to stay healthy and safe. Additionally, these junk foods are oily and spicy that slowdowns the digestion process and that leads to heartburn.

Stop Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and alcohol consumption leaves a long-term harmful impact on the baby’s health. Additionally, they lead to indigestion because of the chemicals present in them. Thus, quit smoking and drinking alcohol permanently. You can seek your doctor’s guidance and support to lead a smoke-free life.

When to seek a doctor’s help?

You should seek your doctor’s help when the lifestyle and dietary changes are not helping you much in dealing with heartburn during the pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe you some medicines to ease your symptoms.

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