How To Manage And Shape Your Child’s Behavior?

How To Manage And Shape Your Child’s Behavior?

To help your child in shaping his behavior is one of the essential tasks of every parent. It can be challenging in specific scenarios but rewarding at the same time.

Model Behavior in front of Your Children

Children learn a lot from their parents. They imitate everything they see around them. Thus, use good manners and good strategies to teach your children how to behave appropriately.

  • Children feel that they are only the ones who have to follow every etiquette and manner everywhere. However, to make them understand that good habits are for everyone, try to inculcate these good habits in yourself too.
    For example, “Good job, Papa! You’re sharing your ice cream. Keep it up.”
  • Teach your children how they can calm down quickly when they are upset or frustrated. For example, Mumma is distraught today, but she will try to stay calm and relax. Help her to breathe deeply for 1”0 seconds.”
  • It is very vital to let these children understand how they can express their feelings. No matter whether they are happy or sad, they should tell their feelings. For example, when your children are making you upset, then instead of scolding or shouting at them, say, “Mumma has gone upset today. Please do not do any more mischievous acts.” This will help them understand that kids can easily manage things by sharing true feelings instead of uttering hurtful words.

Children seek attention, and that’s what they get while misbehaving. Thus, give less attention to children when you see that they are misbehaving and vice versa. This will automatically change your children’s attitudes.

At the same time, praise your children when they do something good. Remember that love and affection are the two essential things that can do anything in this world, and so with the children. Spend quality time with them, play with them (just for 5 minutes, only), ask them how their day was, etc. All these things will add positive behavior to them.


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