Is Your Toddler Not Eating? Check Out For These Tips

Is Your Toddler Not Eating? Check Out For These Tips

It is common for toddlers to eat a tiny portion of food, behave fussily, or not eat. Many parents worry about their toddler’s fussy eating habits. They are further concerned about the nutrition that a toddler should get for staying active and playful.

There are few reasons why toddlers do eat.

  • Due to the growth spurts and activeness, the appetite of a toddler varies.
  • Toddlers need less food in comparison to babies.
  • The attention span of toddlers is less; thus, they do not feel much interested in the food.

How to handle the varying appetites of a toddler?

If your child doesn’t eat the whole meal, try offering small portions to eat. It is usual for toddlers to eat less during their main mealtimes. Avoid forcing your child to eat more or complete its plate because mealtime may be stressful for the toddler. Instead, praise your child for trying a spoonful meal on its own.

As long as you serve healthy meals to your toddler, do not worry if he is eating his complete meal or not. Children are good enough to understand how much they want to eat. They do not starve.

What to do if introducing new food to a Toddler?

You might be unsure that whether your child will like a new food or not. But toddlers do love eating unique every day. Simply, create a positive eating environment. Make mealtimes happy and social. Show how much you love eating meals with your child. And yes, when introducing new food to your toddler, just try 10 to 15 times to see whether your child accepts or not. Remember not to force him anyway.

Let your child play with his food, except create any mess like rubbing the food on the floor and eating the same. This act will lead to food poisoning.

Lastly, let your child eat what he wants to eat, no matter how much the quantity is. This is a temporary phase, and once your child grows, he will start eating as per his appetite.

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