Tips to Stop Thumb Sucking Habits in Kids

Tips to Stop Thumb Sucking Habits in Kids

Thumb sucking habit is usually common in kids. Research says that kids feel soothing and relaxed when they suck their thumb. They usually do this whenever they are hungry or sleepy. The urge comes naturally to them.

This habit goes off by the age of 3 or 4. However, if it does not, then prolonged thumb sucking habit may lead to oral problems like oral infections, unaligned teeth, etc. Thus, stopping this habit at the right age is essential to prevent any further health problems.

Asking a child to quit this habit is going to be a challenging task for the parents. However, on-time intervention and repeated instructions can help your child a lot. Therefore, listed below are some of the helpful tips to stop thumb-sucking habits in children.

Tips to Stop Thumb Sucking Habits in Children

  • Some kids do not realize that sucking the thumb is a habit that they should outgrow. Ask your children what they suck their thumb? Do they feel good when they suck their thumb? Is there any other way by which they can feel good instead of sucking their thumb? However, do not ask in a condemning tone, rather keep it curious.
  • Observe the pattern. If you see that it is bedtime when your child starts sucking thumb, try to find another way to make your child feel sleepy. Or, if your child sucks thumb at the time of stress or anxiety, then look for another coping mechanism - like any mindfulness activity.
  • You may take the help of a finger guard. These finger guards are easily available at online shopping platform and are made of child-safe ingredients. These are chemical-free and are more like flexible gloves. With the help of these finger guards, your child will not be able to put its thumb in his mouth as they are childproof.
  • Set up an excellent example by role play. If your child has their favorite teddy or stuffed animal, then pretend in front of your child that this teddy wants to get out of this thumb-sucking habit. Now ask your child to help this teddy to stop this habit. This role play will help your child too to understand the side-effects of thumb-sucking.


The Bottom Line

As a parent, it can be stressful to see your child sucking thumb at the age of 5. Despite all your efforts and hacks, your child is not leaving this habit; call your doctor. A doctor can check your child’s mouth, talk to your child about their reasons for thumb sucking, and point you both toward the next step.

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