Urinary Tract Infections in Toddlers

Urinary Tract Infections in Toddlers

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are common in kids. It happens when germs, majorly bacteria, enter into kidneys or bladder. A baby or a kid with UTI may suffer pain in the lower belly, itching in the private part, and the repeated urge to pee. It is vital to see a doctor for immediate treatment of UTI as bacterial infection won’t go better on its own.

Sign of Urinary Tract Infection in Kids

Urinary tract infection happens in the lower abdomen, which is basically a lower part of the urinary tract - urethra and bladder. A child with UTI may have the following symptoms:

  • Pain, itching, and burning sensation in the private parts.
  • High-grade fever.
  • The repeated urge to pee (though a very small amount of pee is passed)
  • Bed-wetting - though the child is well potty-trained.
  • Pain, in the lower abdomen (below the belly button)
  • Foul smell and changed colour of the urine.

UTIs are curable, but it is important to start the treatment at the correct time. Untreated UTIs may cause damage to the kidneys.

How Are UTIs Are Diagnosed And Treated?

To diagnose UTI, blood tests and urine tests are conducted. This helps a doctor to identify the bacteria type and start with the best treatment.

UTIs are treated with antibiotics. Several days of antibiotic dosages and repeated urine tests help to get this treatment completed. Meanwhile, children should be encouraged to drink plenty of fresh water in a day. The symptoms may get improved within 2-3 days once antibiotics and other medicines are started.

Can UTIs Be Prevented?

While infancy, frequent diaper changes can help preventing Urinary Tract Infections. Clean their genital area from front to rear. However, in kids who are potty-trained, it is important to make them understand the importance of good hygiene. School-age children should avoid using soaps in their private parts as it may lead to irritation and itching.

Do not ask your children to ‘control’ their pee; let them go when they feel to do that. Remember, most UTIs are cured and treated within a week after the treatment.


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