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Tips to Help Young Kids Develop Good Reading Habits

Tips to Help Young Kids Develop Good Reading Habits

5 Oct 2021 | 2 min Read


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Kids can start developing good reading habits right from their toddler age. Here are some of the helpful tips to develop reading habits in a child.


1. Make Reading a Daily Habit.

Start reading a book in front of your child right from your child’s early age. Even though your child may not understand properly if you read a book daily, your child will also inculcate this reading habit in himself. Kids learn from what they observe.


2. Take your child to a Library.

The library is a great place to explore new books for free. Many libraries also organize literacy programs for kids. Visits to the library can give your child a chance to develop good reading habits and to understand how positively it can help him.


3. Let your child pick what to read.

When you visit a library with your child, let him pick the book that he wants to read. Do not force him your choice. Help him to choose books as per his age, but make sure selection should be of his.


4. Re-read the favorites.

Re-reading a book is never a wrong choice. It adds concentration power in kids. Thus, if your child wants to re-read any of his favorite books, let him do so.


5. Select books with Attractive pictures

If your child is a toddler or still very young, pick a book of his choice, then pick a book with lots of attractive images. A book with funny pictures and characters catches children’s attention. It makes the content of the book more compelling and exciting.


6. Give him other options, too.

It may happen that your child is not much keen to read books; newspapers can be of great help. Anything that provides an opportunity to read, give that to your child. The more he reads, the more interested he will feel.


7. Let him write what he reads.

This method can also be a great way to develop reading skills in children. Sometimes, simply copying the text in a notebook also produces an inclination to read. Furthermore, it helps in developing good handwriting skills. Thus, if your child is not interested in reading, let him write what he reads.

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