​5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

​5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

It's Halloween time! It's that time of the year when your child gets invited to Halloween costume parties or Halloween-themed fancy dress competitions.

Here are some ideas that could inspire you to create something different:

Witches, magic wands and broomsticks

Not a title of a movie, but something that you can dress up your kid like. Buy a black dress (A-line preferably) or sew one if you are good with scissors and needles. Pep it up with silver lace, glitter or silver balls. Make a witch's hat out of construction paper or cloth. Give her a wand and a broom, and she is ready to zoom!

Dressing up your little boy as a wizard is much easier. All you need is a black cape, a magic wand, a pair of spectacles and a scar on his forehead. Got my drift??

Litter Bug costume

How about dressing up your child to spread a very important environmental message? Take any old outfit or just buy a piece of cloth, cut a hole in it and make your child wear it like a poncho (from neck to toe). Now, with a glue gun, stick plastic bags, plastic bottles and caps, papers, etc. The weirder the litter, the better it is. For the headgear, you can cut a large ring out of an empty milk or oil can. Your walking litter bug is ready!

Spooky ghost

If it's Halloween, there have to be ghosts and ghouls. This spooky ghost outfit will test your skill as a seamstress. Make your child wear a white turtle-neck, full sleeve t-shirt and white bottoms. Now, get an old white sheet and cut a hole in it so that your child can wear it like a poncho. Or you can sew the sheet into a cassock like dress. Now, buy some white tulle or cut cheese cloth into strips and attach to the sheet. You can make your child wear a white hat, and again glue the tulle and strips. Paint his face white and eyes black. Your spooky ghost is ready to wreak havoc.


This scarecrow is really easy to create. Take a denim overall (or something in tan colour) and a full sleeve shirt in blue (or tan) as well. Stick raffia on the legs, sleeves and on the hat too. You will get raffia easily at a stationary shop or from a shop for buttons and sewing products. You can sew knee patches in brightly coloured clothes to make it look more interesting. Paint the nose black and cheeks red, and your cute little scarecrow is ready to give some scares.

If you are good at pumpkin carving, you can even make a pumpkin head for your child.

Walking Mummy

This costume is really simple to make. Dress up your kid in a white full sleeve shirt and pants. Now, get hold of a lot of white bandage or white cloth strips. Just stick it on every part of the child's clothes, a little tightly. Tie the cloth bandage on the head and on the face, as per the comfort of the child. Tie knots at a few places to add drama. Paint your child's face and lips to resemble a mummy.

A few more interesting ideas: You can make your little girl wear a red cap and give her a wicker basket to hold. Or make her into a beautiful and colourful butterfly, straight out of Eric Carle's 'A Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

Have lots of spooky fun and scary laughs!

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