Why Is Postnatal Care For Mother Important?

Why Is Postnatal Care For Mother Important?

Postpartum care holds a lot of importance in terms of health for a new mother. Postpartum care helps a mother recover fast after childbirth and prevent herself from any future health issues. Thus, it is essential to provide the best possible care to a new mother.

What is Postpartum Care?

The postpartum stage refers to the period of the first six to eight weeks after childbirth. This stage is sensitive for both baby and mother; therefore, it is essential to obtain thorough medical and emotional care. A new mother learns how to deal with all the changes needed after her baby’s arrival. It involves a new baby and new parents that start learning how to provide the best possible care to their newborn.

A new mother needs good care to rebuild her strength, both physically and emotionally. She needs plenty of rest, good nutrition, and support from her family.

Rest And Sleep

Usually, every newborn wakes up every three hours to be fed, changed, and comforted. And if this is the firstborn, new parents become overwhelmed by exhaustion. Thus, a new mother needs to get proper sleep of 8 hours. Here are the ideas to help the new mothers to get enough sleep and rest:

  • During the first few weeks, let someone else from the family take care of a baby except for the feeding sessions. This week a new mother can rest and sleep, and her internal wounds will also heal fast.
  • Try to let the new mother sleep as her baby sleeps. The duration of sleep can be less, but the frequency will be more.
  • Keep the newborn nearby to her mother. This will help the new mommy feed or change the infant’s clothes as and when s required.
  • When the newborn baby comes home, guests will inevitably come to the house. Do not feel the compulsion to entertain the guests. If a new mother is feeling tired and sleepy, let her do that.
  • If she gets some time, a new mother can go for a walk daily to relax.



The body of a new mother goes through many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. And thus, it needs some time to recover. After delivery, a new mother needs a balanced diet to keep her active and energetic throughout the day. Include the following items on her plate to make sure she eats the best and healthy food:

  • Grains - whole wheat, rice, oatmeals.
  • Vegetables - Choose a variety of vegetables, including dark green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, and starchy vegetables.
  • Fruits - Any seasonal fruit or 100% fruit juice is recommended.
  • Dairy products, including milk, are healthy for a new mother’s health, adding calcium to her bones.

The Takeaway

Communication is essential in preventing any misunderstanding when emotions are fragile these first few weeks. Whoever you decide to have as helpers during these days clarifies everything you’re expecting them to do. Have your helpers take over the household chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. This will help you take care of yourself and keep you from limiting time with your baby.


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