International Girl Child Day: All You Need To Know

International Girl Child Day: All You Need To Know

11 Oct 2021 | 2 min Read


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The International Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on October 11 with all different themes to discuss agendas related to the girl child. International Girl Child day is an effort to raise awareness about the issues and difficulties faced by girls.

The first International Girl Child Day was observed in 2012 as a project to plan International’s Because I am a Girl Campaign for raising awareness on the importance of nurturing girls globally.

This year the theme of International Girl Child is ‘Digital Generation, Our Generation.

The UN website says, “It is an inequity and exclusion gap across geographies and generations that is our challenge to address if the digital revolution is to be for all, with all, by all. Let’s seize the momentum to drive action and accountability of GEF commitments made, for and with girls to achieve a bold vision of bridging the digital gender divide.”

It further adds, “Girls know their digital realities and the solutions they need to excel on their diverse pathways as technologists for freedom of expression, joy, and boundless potential. Let’s amplify the diversity of these tech trailblazers while simultaneously widening the pathways so that every girl, this generation of girls – regardless of race, gender, language, ability, economic status, and geographic origin – lives their full potential,”

Girls are the leaders; they are the change-makers and provide a driving source for healthy growth worldwide. They are the source of transformational change for gender equality, and here, technology can act as a crucial tool to support their work, passion, and leadership. Under the theme of International Girl Child Day 2021, the UN calls for equal access to girls’ internet and digital devices to facilitate safe and timely opportunities that the latest technology can provide.

Digital learning and online study can open several good opportunities for girls facing economic and social challenges to access education. Access to education, healthcare services, and skill-based learning opportunities can protect a girl child against gender-based violence and discrimination.













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