Make Massage Times Memorable For You and Your Baby

Make Massage Times Memorable For You and Your Baby

We treasure the little moments we spend with our babies. Our baby’s first glimpse, first feed, first smile, first step are all etched in our memories. Babies do grow up fast so, to make the most of these milestones, we can make each moment memorable. A baby’s first bath is a wonderful experience; giving your little one a massage before bath is said to have innumerable benefits.

“Massage helps to improve blood circulation and helps to moisturise the skin. The kinesthetic developed through massage helps to create a bond between baby and mother. Babies find massage soothing , relaxing and it improves sleep quality,” says Dr Yatri Thacker, Homeopathic physician and Mental health expert.

One of the ways to ensure that you make the most of your baby’s massage times is to use the right oil. Dr Thacker suggests, “An ideal baby oil should be hypoallergenic, no fragrance paraben and sulphate free .It should also not be too sticky.”

Dabur Lal Tail ticks all the above boxes. It has been trusted by Indian mothers for several years and nourishes both - baby’s skin and bones.


Mothers often wonder if it is safe to call a maalishwali to massage a baby and till when a baby should be given a massage. Mom influencer Shifa Merchant says, “ Since baby Avo was born in May 2020, it was the start of the first covid wave in India and hence we never had any maalishwali. Between me and my mom we used to manage baby massages. We absolutely love this part of the day even now after the baby has turned 15 months old. He too loves being pampered with these messages.”


Dabur Lal Tail is made up of natural ingredients such as Shankhpushpi, Ratanjyot, Sesame oil, Urad Dal, Camphor. It nourishes a baby's skin and strengthens a baby’s bones and muscles as well.

Mom influencer Harpreet Suri feels that Dabur is a trusted household brand. It has been used for ages in her family. As a child, Harpreet has benefited with the massage from Dabur Lal Tail and now uses the same for her kids.



Make memories long-lasting with happy massage times with Dabur Lal Tail for many months to come.

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