5 Diwali Activities For You And Your Kids

5 Diwali Activities For You And Your Kids

Diwali has always been associated with housecleaning, making scrumptious foods for the Bhog, shopping for new clothes and household items, decoration, flowers and Rangoli, and family reunions. However, for most working parents, staying in a nuclear setup, celebrating Diwali with the family is not always feasible. You might still want to make the most of the Diwali celebrations while bonding with your children in a fun and meaningful manner.

Below is a list of 5 Diwali-related activities that you and your kids can participate in:


Painting Lamps:

An ideal activity for small kids, all you need is - some clay or terracotta diyas, water colours and paint brushes. Sit down with your child and paint the diyas however you wish to. You can ask your child to decorate it further using glitter or sparkle glues. Watch the spark of delight on your child's face when these handpainted colourful diyas are lit up on the evening of Diwali.


Making Toran:

You will need a few chart papers (preferably in different colours) or marble papers, pencils, finger paints, a few strings and a pair of scissors. Draw little hearts (or any other shape) on the chart or marble papers and cut them. Now, ask your child to glue these little hearts on it vertically. Repeat the same on other strings as well. Attach all these strings vertically on a long string to make it into a 'toran' or wall hanging.You can even ask your child to paint the papers using finger paints. Small kids really enjoy painting and getting their hands messy.



Making Rangoli:

Diwali is synonymous with Rangoli (artwork on the floor). Even though, your child is not old enough to make elaborate Rangoli designs, fun doodles by tiny tots look equally interesting. Give your child a few coloured chalk sticks and ask him to draw. Or if he is comfortable with the idea, you can draw a Rangoli, and he can fill it up using flower petals or organic coloured sand.



Cooking Sweets:

If your child loves sweets, she might enjoy making them too. Take your child along as you make a few special Diwali sweets like gujiya, halwa, kheer, barfi, etc. She can help filling the gujiya pockets, adding sugar into the halwa or kheer and cutting barfi into diamond shapes.



Note: Never leave your child unattended in the kitchen.



Preparing for Lakshmi Puja:

It is a great opportunity to teachyour child about your faith and rituals. I have memories, as a small child, helping my mother prepare the Puja room. It was great fun. Ask your child to clean the Puja room and wash the idols in soapy water. She can help by getting things ready like flowers, bowls of dry fruits, fresh fruits and sweets, etc. During the puja, ask your child to ring the bell; she would love it.


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