How to Handle Sibling Fight?

How to Handle Sibling Fight?

Sibling fight is pretty common amongst kids. It happens when disagreements become aggressive. Children start hitting and shouting at each other. However, they should understand how they can control their emotions and avoid fighting with each other.

For parents, it is good to stay back when disagreements start among children because it gives the children an opportunity to sort it out for themselves. But when debates take the form of fights or name-calling, parents should intervene.

Steps to Break-up Sibling fight.

Here are some of the steps that parents can follow to break sibling fights.

  • Stop the fight before children start crying. This might require separating the children and sending them to two different rooms to settle down.
  • Keep yourself cool. This step may not look easy to follow, but this works. If you start showing up your anger, the situation may get worse. Thus, to settle down things quickly and in a better way, you should not shout at them at that time.
  • Discuss the situation later. When parents start discussing the situation with children right then, children do not understand it well. Instead, they take their parents’ guidance for granted. Thus, let your children be relaxed and calm so that you can teach them what went wrong and how they could have avoided it.
  • Apply consequences. If you see that children are fighting over a toy, take it from both and tell them that nobody will get this toy. Applying results, let children understand what is not allowed in the house.

How to Handle Sibling Fights?

The below tips can help you to handle sibling rivalry easily.

1. Treat all children equally. Remember, consequences should be the same for every child. You should never show favoritism when it comes to solving sibling rivalry. However, if the age gap between siblings is more, decide fairly to let both children understand what you’re trying to say.

2. Avoid making the comparison between siblings. In general, unknowingly, parents compare their children’s strengths and weaknesses in front of them only. It creates a negative impact on the minds of the children for each other. For example, parents usually tell their elder kid, “You should not have done this because you’re older than him” or “See, your little brother is better than you.” Such comparative statements hurt the sentiments of a child. And thus, they start developing jealousy amongst each other.

3. Identify the cause of fighting. When parents are known of the reasons for the fight, it helps them to decide fair conclusions. Without knowing why the siblings are fighting, parents will not let their children rectify their mistakes. Thus, keeping an eye on your children is the best way to stay aware of the reasons for the fight.


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