How Can Parents Use Screen Time For The Betterment Of Children?

How Can Parents Use Screen Time For The Betterment Of Children?

Good quality digital media can help your child in improving their learning, development, and play.

Interesting Fact:
Screen time can help your child develop problem-solving skills, social and communication skills, and creative thinking as well.


When balanced with other activities, screen time can add lots of positivity to your child’s learning and development. This can happen when your child:

  • Uses age-appropriate and good-quality videos for his learning. For example, if your child wishes to play some game on the mobile phone, involve him in critical thinking or problem-solving games like puzzles, hangman, etc.
  • Has a purpose in mind while using youtube or any other internet video. For example, let him watch Nat Geographic channel on YouTube. This channel will help your child to gain some knowledge about flora and fauna.
  • Produces valuable content rather than simply consuming it. If your child is interested in showcasing its creativity to the world, let him do so. Likewise, encourage him if your child is willing to write on a particular topic over the Internet.


How Can Parents use screen Time to Develop New Skills in Children?

Parents can take the help of screen time to develop new skills in their children.

  • Digital and Creative Skills - Parents can teach or take someone’s help to teach their children video editing and graphic designing. Moreover, several Internet platforms ask budding photographers, including children, to upload their work and showcase it to the world.
  • Problem-solving skills - Parents can well use screen time to develop problem-solving skills in children. Certain apps ask the children to solve the problem in a given scenario. This scenario can be a farming game, sudoku, crossword puzzle, etc.
  • Communication Skills - Learning a new language is possible through screen time. When a child is free and using the mobile phone for any irrelevant videos, ask him to learn a particular word in the specific language. Children feel enthusiasm while learning a new language.

To help children make the most of digital technology, parents should think beyond the idea of screen time. Instead, it’s good to think about how to help children by using technology to learn, create and play.


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