Should You Hide Vegetables In Your Child's Food Plate?

Should You Hide Vegetables In Your Child's Food Plate?

Some kids love eating vegetables - but other kids may not precisely consider vegetables a treat. And for many parents, getting kids to eat green vegetables can be a struggle.

Vegetables, of course, provide fiber, antioxidants, and micronutrients that keep your child healthy. So it’s only natural to help your child reach their daily target of balanced nutrition.

For this reason, many parents prefer to hide vegetables in their child's meals.

While this strategy may result in your kiddo taking in more nutrients in the short term, it also comes with some significant drawbacks. Here is a look at the pros and cons of concealing veggies in your child’s meals.

The Pros

There's no second thought that keeping vegetables secret can make mealtime easier. Still, there are some reasons you should not try to hide vegetables in your child’s food.

It does not teach kids to like healthy foods.

Hiding vegetables can be a quick fix; it doesn’t teach your child to eat and like the veggies themselves.

Children who only meet vegetables in costumed form won't recognize that they are eating, and enjoying, a vegetable.

The truth is, kids don’t usually develop a taste for vegetables; it takes time, exposure, and several attempts.

When vegetables are kept hidden, children do not familiarize themselves with any vegetable taste because they are unaware that they are eating vegetables.

May create distrust

Hiding vegetables doesn’t tell your child the whole truth about what he is eating, which may lead to distrust.

Some kids may even feel more resistant to eating veggies when they find out mom or dad has been secreting them into other foods.

Does more work for parents

Prepping veggies for insertion into kid-friendly packages can involve some extraordinary culinary skills. Peeling, cooking, and pureeing are often required to get a consistency that will blend in with other foods. You may find hidden-veggie recipes take significantly longer time to prepare than those that feature vegetables more clearly.

Finally, there’s an essential distinction between hiding veggies and including them in unexpected places. You may place vegetables in your child's favorite wheat pizza. The whole story is to present vegetables in a different way but not actually hiding them.

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