Hand Sanitiser Or Handwashing: Which Is The Best?

Hand Sanitiser Or Handwashing: Which Is The Best?

The hand is that part of a human body that comes in contact with almost everything - be it an object, people, or with ourselves. Just think, how often do you touch your face in a day? There will be no rough idea on this too. So, while keeping your head to toe clean and hygienic is a high priority, it is crucial to know how to keep hands clean, especially when preventing contagious diseases.


Whether you use hand sanitizer or traditional soap and water to keep your hand clean, you are ahead of the curve. Both options are better at limiting the spread of germs and other infections.

The Pros and Cons of Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizers are easy to carry in your purse, pockets, and even in your bags. They are a good portable option to keep hands clean while on the go. They are a good option to disinfect the hands to prevent the likelihood of spreading germs.

According to medical experts, hand sanitizer is capable to fight germs when soap and water are not available instantly. Moreover, hand sanitizers are effective in neutralizing several microbes - but not all.

However, some hand sanitizers leave a residue that feels slick or quite uncomfortable to many users. Furthermore, hand sanitizers are pretty costlier than soap and water. Thus, hand sanitizer can be a preferred option, but the goodness of soap and water is always better.

Why Doctors Prefer Soap and Water?

However, many households now keep a big bottle of hand sanitizer to use for sanitizing the hands as well as certain objects. Despite having a portable alternative to soap and water, doctors still recommend washing hands with soap and water to effectively kill viruses and bacterias.

The proper and correct standard for maintaining hand hygiene is proper and consistent hand washing using soap and water. The cleanliness that a bar of soap and water can give to the hands can never be compared with hand sanitizers. Soaps kill germs, binds them, and helps to physically remove them with the help of running water. One may use liquid soap because every soap is effective enough to kill germs effectively.

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