Is It Safe To Keep Working Until Your Baby’s Due Date?

Is It Safe To Keep Working Until Your Baby’s Due Date?

As you approach your due date, you may wonder when to stop working and start your maternity leave. However, this decision depends upon several factors - medical, financial, and personal situation.

Some women prefer to stay at work until their due date due to financial obligations. In contrast, for many others, health conditions are more important than anything else and find it unsafe to work after some point.

Medical Considerations

For those with a high-risk pregnancy or complications like preterm labor, you may have to stop going to your office sooner or later. Even a healthy pregnancy is physically tiring during its final trimester. So, pay attention to how you feel as time moves on with your pregnancy.

If your doctor recommends bed rest, you are not supposed to be allowed to sit on a chair for more than an hour continuously. Standing may be further limited to a half-hour at a stretch. The situations that may require sufficient bed rest include:

  • You are carrying multiples. If you’re having twins or triplets, pregnancy will more physically strain your body. Thus, sufficient bed rest and care becomes necessary here.
  • Cervical Effacement. Thinning of the cervix may further lead to the complication of preterm labor.
  • History of pregnancy complications. If you’ve had a history of pregnancy complications like miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, etc., your doctor may advise you to go on for bed rest.
  • Preeclampsia, vaginal bleeding, incompetent cervix, and premature birth symptoms are other medical conditions where doctors advise taking proper bed rest.

How Do You Feel?

If you’re dealing with sleepless nights, backaches, swelling in feet and hands, or other concerns, you may think to start taking maternity leave prior. Or, if it is possible to modify your workplace or working hours, you may think of these options. Wear more comfortable shoes, sit on a relaxing chair, take more frequent breaks and work on that shift that is more convenient to you.

What’s Your Commute be like?

If you have to commute daily to your office, taking a long car ride in rush hours can be stressful. Standing on a train or waiting for a public bus can further add any sort of risk to your pregnancy. However, if you do not have any option other than to travel daily like such, early maternity leave can be your preferred choice.

Financial Considerations

The financial considerations often come into play while deciding whether to go for an early maternity break or not. If your leave is unpaid, you may want to delay your last day of work as long as possible. Even if you are paid during your break, you may want to preserve your time off to use after your baby arrives.

Saving up some extra money, if possible, to allow some leeway at the end of your pregnancy is always a good idea. Nonetheless, you should never compromise your health and safety for finances.

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