Steps That Helps a Child To Fight Stress

Steps That Helps a Child To Fight Stress

For adults, children may not face stressful times, but in a true sense, kids do face stress. Things like exams, sports activities, friend circles can create tension for kids. As a parent, you can keep your child free from stress by helping them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve day-to-day pressure.

Show Concern About What you’re Noticing.

Tell your child that you’re noticing something that’s is bothering him/her. For example, if your child is upset about something then let him/her know that you are there with him/her always to discuss the situation. Don’t let him/her feel anyway that you’re accusing him for anything bad.

Listen To Your Child

Sometime a stressed child does not feel okay to share his/her feelings with someone. In that situation, stress increases day-by-day. So ask your child to tell you what is wrong. Listen to his/her problem calmly and attentively with interest, patience and openness. Avoiding judging your child neither you should give lecture for this situation. The idea should be to listen your child’s problem not to accuse or judge him anyway.

Comment briefly on the situation.

You can use the words like ‘I can understand how bad you must be feeling’ , ‘don’t worry, everything will be fine very soon.’ etc. Try to comment very carefully to not let your child feel hurtful. Use positive words to show that you care for your child and you can understand their feelings very well. During the stressful times, showing concern and care helps children to cope up fast.

Limit Stress as much as possible.

Some situations that causes stress can be controlled to much extent. For example, exam pressure can be handled very well by creating happy and positive surroundings. Do not let your child feel that he/she can achieve good marks if they doesnot study for 12 to 13 hours. Instead, help your child to understand that exam stress can be managed if proper preparation is done before.

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