Karwachauth 2021: What If You Are Sick?

Karwachauth 2021: What If You Are Sick?

Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm, especially in North India. This year it will be celebrated on 24th October. On this auspicious occasion, married women will perform nirjala fast for the betterment and prosperity of their husbands and especially for their husbands’ long life. Karwa Chauth is considered one of the toughest fast to keep.

According to tradition, married women can not stop doing this fast mid-ways. But what if she falls sick or is pregnant?

If a woman falls sick

If the woman falls severely sick and cannot perform the fast, her husband can observe the fast. Husbands can also do pooja on behalf of their wives and perform all rituals followed in Karwa Chauth. However, if the woman wants to do the fast, she can do it by having fruits.

If a woman is hospitalized

A woman who wishes to observe the fast can do so by splashing water on herself. And in the evening, she can complete her fast emotionally by offering salutations and arghya to the moon. There is no requirement for performing all detailed rituals. The priority should be health.

Although this festival is for the husband’s betterment and long life, a wife’s health is also important. So do not ignore the health of a woman under the wrap of tradition and culture. The tradition looks good and valuable when it is prosperous for every family member’s well-being. None of the Indian festivals say that a woman should ignore her well-being for the sake of her family. Instead, we do not allow a woman to let her think about her health and well-being.

So, this Karwa Chauth let us pray for the betterment and the long lives of our husbands, and let us pray for all those beautiful and caring wives who are performing this fast.


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