COVID Vaccines And Pregnancy: What Expecting Parents Need To Know

COVID Vaccines And Pregnancy: What Expecting Parents Need To Know

With the emergence of this pandemic, vaccination has become mandatory for everyone. However, there has always been a misconception running around about the safety of vaccines for pregnant women. Whether it is safe, painful, or complicated in its symptoms, a pregnant woman has lots of questions in her mind. So, here in this article, you’ll get to about the importance of COVID vaccination during pregnancy.

Is COVID-19 Vaccine Safe For Pregnant Women?

Yes! Each of the COVID - 19 vaccines is safe and effective during pregnancy. All major health organizations have highly recommended that pregnant women should take the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, these vaccines are equally safe for breastfeeding mothers too.

Are Pregnant Women at Higher Risk of Covid-19?

Pregnancy boosts the risk for COVID-19 and its related complications. According to the recent research by CDC, pregnant women have a 70% of increased risk of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus. As a known fact, pregnancy suppresses the immune system of a woman making her health vulnerable to any sort of infection and disease. Thus, having COVID-19 while pregnancy is a serious threat. Moreover, it can increase the risk of preterm labor.

Is there any specific time during pregnancy to COVID-19 Vaccination?

There is no special time or specified trimester to get vaccinated for COVID 19. However, it should be done as soon as possible.

Are there any boosters for COVID-19 Vaccination for pregnant women?

Yes! The booster doses are available for high-risk health conditions including pregnancy. You should speak to your doctor about these booster doses. However, not every brand has come up with its booster doses.

If you still have any doubts or want to clear some other misconceptions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy do not hesitate to speak with your doctor.

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