Shyness In Children

Shyness In Children

Shyness is usual in babies and children. Children start crying in social situations, cling to their parents, or simply avoid social interaction by hiding their heads or shutting their eyes. A preschooler might not want to talk to any stranger and thus may hide behind the parent.

There is nothing wrong with shyness in children. Every child is different from others, and shyness is just part of their personality and the unique way to interact with the world.

Supporting Your Child with Shyness

Shyness does not always go over time, but gradually children start developing to interact and be more confident and comfortable with other people. You can help your children to come out of shyness with the help of the following tips:

1. Give your child some time to feel comfortable. Do not force your child to start interacting with every person. Instead, give them some time and ask them to play and stay calm.

2. Stay with your child in social gatherings like family functions, birthday parties, etc. Let your child be comfortable and gradually encourage your child to interact with other children and adults

3. Let your child know that his feelings are OK and you’re there to help him. For example, ‘I know dear you are pretty nervous in this social gathering but don’t worry, I am there with you to feel comfortable.’

4. Avoid unfavorable comparisons of your child with more confident children and siblings.


When Shyness might be a Problem

Your child’s shy behavior may cause a problem if it is causing him difficulties or distress in his daily life.

  • Your child can not go to any public place just because of his shy behavior.
  • Your child gets anxious in public gatherings.
  • Your child feels lonely despite being in the circle of kids.
  • Your child is unable to outgrow this behavior and faces difficulty in public speaking.
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