Vitamins For Kids: Do Healthy Kids Need Supplement?

Vitamins For Kids: Do Healthy Kids Need Supplement?

Vitamin is a vital nutrient and required by every human body to stay fit and healthy. Regardless of the age and finess, vitamins are required by everyone, even by the healthy kids.

Ideally, kids should get vitamins from a balanced and healthy diet that includes:

  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Milk and dairy products like cheese and yogurt.
  • Protein like chicken and fish.
  • Whole-grain like oats and rice.

Why Kids Need Vitamin Supplements?

Due to hustle and bustle in life, freshly cooked vegetables and fresh fruits are not always available. Thus, pediatricians recommend vitamin supplements to maintain the gap between the required levels of vitamin.

Apart from that, the children those who don’t eat well and enough require vitamin supplements. Moreover, kids with chronic health problems such as asthma or digestive problems may require prescribed vitamin supplement.

In some situations, doctors also prescribe vitamin supplements to the children who eat a lot of fast foods and processed foods.


Look to Fresh Foods for the Best Vitamins

Good nutrition starts by serving a wide variety of whole, fresh foods as much as possible. Thus, it is said to avoid serving up fast food or convenience food to your kids everytime. The most vitamins and minerals are found in foods that are high in carbohydrates and proteins. And, fresh fruits are the rich source of vitamins of different kinds.
To serve different vitamins to your child, serve variety of foods, not more food. The quantity does not matters here. By eating more forcefully, kids may develop obesity, so use kid-sized food portions, which are one-quarter to one-third the size of adult portions.

Vitamins and Healthy Kids: Five Tips

If you do give vitamins to your kids, follow these tips:

  • Put vitamins supplemnets away, well out of reach of children, so they don't treat them like candy.
  • Try not to forcefully feed your child or use desserts as a bribe to 'clean your plate.' Instead, let your child eat how much he wants to. This will support proper absorption of nutrition by the body.
  • If your child is following any medication, ensure you ask your child's doctor about any possible reaction with vitamin and drug combination.
  • Vitamin supplements are also sometimes available in chewable tablets. Try them at first.
  • It is good to start after the age of 4, unless your child's doctor suggests otherwise.


Sound nutrition plays a role in your child's learning and development. So, rather than relying on cartoon characters selling supplements, commit to feeding a range of healthy foods to your kids.

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