5 Unusual Things to Gift Your Kids This Children’s Day

5 Unusual Things to Gift Your Kids This Children’s Day

We all know the significance of Children's Day. Our first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday falls on 14th November. He loved kids, and kids fondly called him 'Chacha'. Hence, his birthday is celebrated as the Children's Day with much pomp every year.

As a child, I remember getting sweets in the school, and Children's Day being treated as a 'No class' Day, as well. Now, there are various ways to celebrate this day. You can take your kids for a movie or a picnic or throw a Children's Day bash for them. Or you can give them some unusual gifts and teach them some important lessons.

Apart from the celebrations and fun, let this Children's Day be about the things that are important for the welfare and development of your children. Here are a few things you can gift your kids this Children's Day:

Piggy Bank:

Gift a piggy bank to your child and tell them the importance of saving money. Inculcate in them the habit of putting cash gifts in the bank. They can use this money to buy things of their choice, pre-approved by you, of course! They will grow up to be responsible people who understand the value of money and the hard work that goes behind earning it.

Safety First:

There is no correct age to teach your children personal safety. Teach your children not to talk to strangers or divulge information about them or the family to anyone. No touching or kissing people, even if they are close relatives. Or shouting for help whenever they feel they are in danger. You could also give them a card on the signs of road safety, tell them the meaning of each sign and let them spot the wonder signs on the road as you travel!

Books Are Forever:

Gift your children a membership to the library and teach them the importance of reading. Reading opens up a whole new world of self-learning. A person who reads not only learns, but also never finds herself alone.


Pets Are Friends:

A pet is a loyal friend. Gift your children a dog, a rabbit or a cat; someone they will play with and learn to take care of, together with you. Not only your kids will never be alone with a pet, but they will also learn to be responsible, caring and will learn to share too specially so if it's your only child.

Let Kids Be:

Today, we see parents pressurizing their children to excel at a very young age. From school to activity classes, kids hardly get a breather to enjoy their precious childhood. Understand that learning never stops, but childhood does. So get off the back of your children and let them enjoy. Gift your kids your time and love. That's all that matters!

How are you celebrating Children's Day this year? What are your plans? Do write to us with your ideas!


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