Why must your child listen to different kinds of sounds?


We often ignore our child's development of senses such as auditory development. As a parent, we must focus on that too just like any other skill. Each outdoor experience offers unique discoveries in sound. Your child's auditory experiences have a powerful impact on his development.

As a mother, you must make time out for your child and you to simply experience the sound of things around you. What you may see as an everyday object, your child will find it exciting and new. It is important to let your child to listen to the sounds of his surroundings in a conscious way. For example: an aeroplane flying overhead, the buzzing of a bee or listening to the water gushing out of a fountain. Your child refines and improves his auditory senses as he learns that spray sounds different than rushing water. You could help him with the language to describe the sounds.

Your child's awareness and enjoyment of sound help his auditory development and enrich his life for years to come.

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Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia Neha Sharma aditi manja Charu Sareen Rakhi Puri

Kuhoo Gupta can you also suggest some good pieces of sound/ music that you have exposed your child to?

thanks for the tag!  very informative

Rhituparna Mitra
apart from songs etc, we pay attention to everyday sounds like various vehicles, aeroplane, machine sounds, birds, swaying trees and whatever we listen in daily life. apart from this various music Instruments and sounds of different languages too.

This is so beautiful. I'll definitely let my lo explore these things more nd more b4 she turns 3 years. Thanks for sharing dis vd us!

I wish I knew this before

Sounds like so much fun.

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