How To Inculcate Good Eating Habits In Your Children?

How To Inculcate Good Eating Habits In Your Children?

Children can be fussy with their food but parents should not give up their patience and start forcing them to eat. This forceful act often lead to dislike for foods in kids.Thus, to develop good eating habits in children, parents should start practicing some tricks at an early age of their kids.

Here are 5 tips through which you can make healthy eating a fun affair for your children.


Give Healthy Substitutes

For kids, healthy foods can be boring and may not be tasty as well. Hence, they keep on searching for junk foods which has actually zero nutrients and lots of fat. But here, the idea is not to ban completely your child’s favourites but substitute them with healthier and flavourful option. For example, if your child loves pizza, how about making them at home with fresh wheat flour and unprocessed ingredients?


Add Some Greens, Too

Green vegetables are the good source of iron, magnesium and calcium. So instead of serving their typical curries, serve them in different forms. Such as make Tikkis, baked wafers, salads, etc.


Make Meal Time a Happy Time

Meal time should always be a happy time for a family. Do not bring stress to your dining table. Eat meals together and try to keep all negative energies away as much as possible. This positive environment impacts the mindset of a child towards food and mealtime. Therefore, try to make mealtime happy, pleasant with conversation and sharing, not with arguing or scolding.


Add more fruits

Fruits should be an indispensable part of a child’s meal plan. The fruits contain a range of nutrients beneficial for the body and growth. In general, kids love eating fruits because of their sweet and juicy taste.

Healthy eating and fun can only go hand in hand if you make it happen. Make your little-fussy eaters aware of a healthy diet and the different kinds of essential nutrients and make them enjoy their food.


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