Is it Safe To Apply Kajal To A Newborn's Eyes?

Is it Safe To Apply Kajal To A Newborn's Eyes?

Using a kajal on your baby’s eyes is an Indian traditional culture, thought to ward off evil eyes (buri nazar) from babies. Many Indian parents apply kajal to their babies’ eyes to make them look bigger and more beautiful.

The love for kajal remains unchanged in villages, towns and even in metropolitan cities of the country; As the elders in the family believes in applying Kajal to the newborn baby.

Kajal is usually put in the lower waterline of the baby’s eyes and behind the earlobes.

Kajal is an eye cosmetic traditionally made by collecting the black ash after burning oil or ghee. According to traditional belief, Kajal is suitable for a baby’s eyes; however, no scientific evidence is available.


Why do people apply Kajal to Baby’s eyes?

In addition to the belief that Kajal makes eyes bigger and beautiful, it is also assumed to be suitable for eyesight. Many parents believe that the application of Kajal will protect the baby from evil eyes and protect them from the harsh glare of the sun.


Should You Apply Kajal to your Baby’s eyes?

Ideally, the answer is NO. Despite several beliefs and notions, Kajal contains lead that can cause itching and irritation to the eyes. And can further cause infections. Many commercially produced Kajal includes the chemical and lead, a metal that can cause many harms to the eyes.

Moreover, there is no scientific study available in support of the benefits of Kajal for newborns. It is essential to understand that even if the Kajal is prepared at home, it contains carbon that can cause severe infections in the eyes.


The Bottom Line

Even after knowing the side-effects of applying Kajal to your baby’s eyes, you wish to use Kajal; you may apply on the back of the ears or at the forehead’s hairline.


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