Understanding your baby’s first movements:  5-8 months

Understanding your baby’s first movements: 5-8 months

8 Nov 2015 | 1 min Read

Baby Chakra

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In the process of mastering movement in space, your baby must pass through 3 stages. These are the stages all other organisms have gone through in the course of evolution. Crawling on the belly, creeping on all fours and walking upright. The first thing a baby learns is how to crawl with its whole body on the ground, similar to a reptile. To assure to support their whole body, reptiles use their extremities exclusively for forward movement.

The second stage of movement happens on all fours similar to land mammals with their hand and body each placed above the ground. As a result, they can accelerate higher speeds and cover greater distances.

Higher evolved mammals such as primates, such as mammals combine moving on all fours with upright walking. The baby you see here is a capable crawler and is already creeping. At this age, it is essential to give your baby lot of free movement on the floor.

To see how your baby’s early movements will look like, watch this:

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