Yogurt Kiwi Melts

Yogurt Kiwi Melts

15 Apr 2014 | 1 min Read

Nameeta Sohoni

Author | 63 Articles

Y toothless little munchkin finally seems to be getting signs of sprouting multiple teeth. With bumpy white gums, top and bottom, the little fella has turned into a gnawing critter. I thought of making yoghurt Kiwi Recipe for my T.

So to soothe his aching gums I made some yogurt kiwi melts. Pretty yum stuff.

Also, this Mumma got a little greedy, so I poured it out in lolly moulds for the family and a mini one for T.


1. Puréed kiwifruit

2. Thick yogurt

3. Vanilla sugar


1. Purée the Kiwifruit and blend it in with the yogurt until smooth and add the vanilla sugar

2. Pour little blobs onto either baking paper or aluminium foil. Alternatively, if the mix is really thick one could even pipe it onto the paper

3. Freeze and serve

4. Pour it into moulds and enjoy a lovely yogurt lolly!

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