Why is skin contact with the mother so important for a new born?

Why is skin contact with the mother so important for a new born?


The human body is a highly sophisticated mechanism. This is why human children develop at a slower pace and often require greater care than other living creatures.

A pair of twin babies 11 days old, as shown in the video, are utterly helpless and will continue to be this way for some time. The infants require the constant presence of their caring parents. Apart from all his needs that are required for the basics of survival, a mother's love is equally critical at this age, influencing the development of their tactile, motor and sensory experiences. The mother is the infant's conductor of the outside world, through her primitive sensory experiences such as comfort, skin-to-skin contact, food, social activities and speech. Each of these aspects are important for their physical and psychological development to evolve harmoniously. Proper postnatal care enables the babies to foster healthy relationships with them and even more importantly, provides a sense of security and protection as they continue to grow.

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