5 Tips To Stay Safe when Flying While Pregnant

5 Tips To Stay Safe when Flying While Pregnant

If you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy, travelling is safe for you. However, doctors suggest flying during the second trimester as it is safe and pretty much comfortable for an expected mother to travel. Post that, your health conditions and growing belly may not permit you to fly or travel long distances.

However, take necessary precautions to stay safe during your journey. Ensure you consult with your doctor before booking tickets for your travel. Once you receive a green signal from your doctor to travel, proceed with other things related to your trip.

Carry Necessary documents

Airlines discourage travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy. And if you are travelling outside the country, travel insurance becomes necessary. Contact your airline service provider and ask about their policy for pregnant travellers.

Carry necessary health documents with you; what if you deliver onboard? You have to be prepared as well as cautious.

Keep Emergency Medicines Handy

While on the flight, you might feel some discomfort or uneasiness. Therefore, to prevent any untoward circumstances keep necessary medicines in your bag that you can quickly take out and use. Also, carry your prescription too.
You may also ask your doctor about how to manage nausea and vomiting during a flight journey.

Food Intake

Avoid gassy foods like cabbage, broccoli, beans, etc., before boarding the flight. Avoid carbonated drinks too. They can make you feel uncomfortable. On the plane, keep your seatbelt fastened and buckle them under your belly, NOT on your belly. Additionally, keep drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and not stay empty for longer hours. Keep some light snacks with you.

Pick an Aisle seat

An aisle seat is comfortable for pregnant ladies as it becomes easy to go for the loo or take their bag from the cabin. Moreover, to avoid any bumpy ride while on the flight, pick the seat over the wings. These seats give the smoothest experience.

Do not FLY, if

This is your first pregnancy, and you are older than 35. Moreover, if you have a history of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and it is better to avoid travelling if you have high blood pressure during your pregnancy.

The occasional flight doesn't pose a problem for most pregnant women. But if you're a frequent flyer, such as a business traveller, pilot, or flight attendant, you might exceed the radiation limit considered safe during pregnancy. Ask your doctor about this.

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