Your Family photo album could be the first book you read with your child!

The love of reading begins at an early age, through visual aids such as reading picture books or looking through family photo albums. For a one year old, sharing such moments with her mother is one of her favourite activities. She learns to recognize herself in the photos which is the first venture into developing a child's identity. Young children mould their language abilities and cognitive skills through books and photo albums. Children bond with their parents and extended families and becomes familiar with their family personalities and history.

Absence of a loved one can also be eased for a child by showing meaningful photos of them.
Reading a photo album is a nourishing and bountiful way to build a strong personality. More importantly, reading to children about family helps construct abundant vocabulary as they grow up.

To see how going over a photo album can be a delightful activity with your little one

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If you are considering buying books, check out at a bookstore in your city

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but bookstore hasn't in my city

Hi Madhu, You can buy books online from Amazon.

this is a beautiful thought.

really Vry nice thought kids will learn a lot

It's nice thought for kid

can i read to my 2 months lo?

Pooja Yes you absolutely can! Reading is a gift for life!

I wish I knew this before


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