What you never expected from your little one to be! - #JustLikeMOM

What you never expected from your little one to be! - #JustLikeMOM

All of us have our own passions and hobbies, but there's always that one special interest that is the pursuit of our happiness. You love doing it so much that it's an integral part of life; it could be anything from cooking, baking, painting to some kind of collection. And it never feels like a task, in fact it's a pleasure. Family members joking or sarcastically commenting about your 'interest' during social functions or your Mom describing her doting daughter's larger than life passion, adding to your embarrassment, does this sound familiar?

For us Moms, following something that we feel so passionate about is definitely necessary. It keeps our sanity in check and gives that 'sense of something' that belongs truly to us. For me, this never ending passion is towards 'dance'! I have always been in love with dancing, though I'm not professionally trained. I love free style dancing at home as a part of my workout regime. I guess, it's in my genes, my mom is passionate about it too! With dance, any Mommy chores feel like a walk in the park.

Recently, I discovered that when I was practising few dance steps for a cousin's sangeet at home; I had a little admirer who quietly and stealthily watched me and imitated my moves and added her own swag to it. When I realized this; it pulled at my heartstrings. I was beyond happy seeing my 3 year old daughter's interest in dance. And then what followed is something I will never forget!

One afternoon, we finished our lunch as usual, I use this time to catch up on my mails and my daughter plays with her puzzles before taking her nap. All of a sudden, she asks me to give her a hat and I comply. After a minute or two she's back, this time she wanted her socks, since I was engrossed in reading an interesting newsletter I guided her to the washed socks a few feet away. In between reading newsletters and responding to mails, I suddenly realized the quirky requests that had come my way some time ago. Wondering what she's up to now, I quickly rushed to the room and to my astonishment, there she was with her hat on wearing her black boots (she'd removed it quietly from the shoe bag under the bed) and the socks as makeshift gloves....doing the moonwalk. This was one of the most adorable moment of hers. I was almost in tears.

The interesting fact is not how she's imitating me but how she's working her individuality into it. The feeling of sharing the same interest with your child is indescribable.

And lo and behold this mutual interest turned into two crazy people dancing at home at the drop of a beat, adding to my husband's amusement. Sometimes the poor guy gets forced to join in on our madness.

Now it's all about learning how to warm up, stretching before breaking into a dance. Learning how to do the moonwalk, turns and locks have never been so much fun. Dancing together is our 'Mommy and daughter' fun bonding time. We watch dance shows together on TV; unwind at home with our fun dance sessions. At times, when I'm running chores I catch her quietly trying out some moves that she picked up watching me dance during my workout session the previous day.

Kid always look up to their mothers and ape everything they do. What mom does, they want to do. And they want to do it just like them because to them, that's the right way.

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