How To Handle Pandemic Weight Gain?

How To Handle Pandemic Weight Gain?

We have all been through a tough time. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us in different ways. Some of us have lost friends and loved ones due to the infection. Others have lost jobs or struggled financially. Most of us have sheltered at home. Vast parts of our lives ground to a halt or were moved online. Those who had the privilege to work from home did so while schooling children and caring for other family members. Those who lived alone became cut off.


The survival from the pandemic was itself an achievement, but it has caused anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Sadly, many people are irritated about weight gain in themselves or others.


So, if you are one of the people, we hope this article will be helpful to you.

Focus on Eating Regularly Without Restriction

Dieting may not work or give your desired results. Excessive dieting can take you to eating disorders. And it can make you feel deprived and can lead to poor concentration and fatigue. Hence, no need to be rigid - just try to have a general plan for each day about what you will eat at what time. Do not make any extreme changes in your eating habits that may cause stress in you.


Go for lighter dinners instead of those oilier and spicy meals. Try to have plenty of freshwater instead of carbonated drinks. Prefer freshly extracted fruit juice instead of tetra-pack fruit juice.

Practice Body Respect and Compassion

Do not shame yourself or others for weight gain - treat your body respectfully. Beating yourself for the weight gain will give no fruitful results. Dieting may further cause distress in you. Instead, practice self-compassion. Acts of kindness and self-compassion can improve our mental well-being. Practice speaking kindly to yourself and appreciating your body for getting you through this tough year.


However, stay physically active. Start meeting your friends and go for a walk instead of sitting at home and messaging them. Social meet-ups help in uplifting overall wellbeing.

Be Slow And Steady

Some people are able to change their habits and get back into their shapes in just a drop of their hats, but this may not be the case with everyone. Therefore, do not give excessive pressure on your body to reduce weight. Be slow but steady to achieve your targeted weight goal.

Make new changes in your routine. Let them be easy with you, start exercising gradually and focus on your cardiovascular health. Limit your sugar intake and be easy with your body.


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