8 Amazing Things About A Sagittarius Mom You Didn’T Know

8 Amazing Things About A Sagittarius Mom You Didn’T Know

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Sagittarius moms are the fire and flair of the zodiac. These free-spirited mummies have a lot up their sleeves! Here are 8 Facts about a Sagittarius mummy you didn’t know:

1. Sagittarius Mummies Are All For The Risk

Sagittarius mums like to broaden their horizons and break new ground. They aren’t afraid to take risks and do something others would think twice about. Their kids will be seasoned travelers, taking after their mothers.

2. Sagittarius Mummies Make For The Most Amazing Friends

Sagittarians are their kid’s best friends. They are the ultimate playmates and no one’s better at keeping up with her kids than a Sagittarius mummy. What’s more? Your kids’ friends adore you too!

3. Sagittarius Mummies Are Hilarious

Sagittarius mums can put comedians out of business if they wish to. They have a wicked sense of humor which their kids also pick up on. You sure know how to lighten up the place.

4. Sagittarius Mummies Like To Learn

Sagittarius mummies have philosophy in their bones and learning is their middle name. Whether it’s new recipes or a new discipline, you are always the first in line to pick up on a new skill. Your kids are quick learners just like you.

5. Sagittarius Mummies Are Anything But Patient

Sagittarians want everything and they want it right then and there. It can get under people’s skin but Sagittarius mummies like for people to be as energetic and quick on their feet as Sagittarians themselves are.

6. Sagittarius Mummies Are Spiritual

Spirituality and inner peace mean a great deal to Sagittarians. They are religious, often times and some may even be avid practitioners of yoga.

7. Sagittarius Mummies Need Their Space

Freedom is the keyword. Sagittarius mums may dote on their children and love their husbands but they need their space. A Sagittarius mummy needs time to herself, to do something she likes to do in the absence of any other soul.

8. Sagittarius Mummies Love To Mingle

A Sagittarius mummy is all about adaptability. She likes to get to know new people and know what makes them tick. She is good with people and has no trouble in mingling with people from all walks of life.











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