8 Defense Mechanisms To Get Through Scary Or Socially Awkward Situations

8 Defense Mechanisms To Get Through Scary Or Socially Awkward Situations

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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It is funny how we constantly think of shielding ourselves from any unlikely situation. Defense mechanisms have a grave history in psychology books thanks to Sigmund Freud. The theory indicates that a range of emotions requires some kind of cover-up. Here are some situational defense mechanisms that you may already use or could use.

1. Diversion during an interview is a great trick

During a crucial interview, there are moments when you black-out or don’t seem to have the desired response. What do you do? This interview can be for a job or in case of a media interaction. You can press the play button of your ‘rant.’ This rant is all about things that up-your-game and divert it from an awkward situation. It leaves you looking like the intelligent one, but at the risk of leaving the interviewer rather miffed.

2. The handbag is always a shield

In most cases, this stands strong for women. For women who are spending time outside the house, ‘safe commute’ is always a concern. Be it a sling bag, a handbag or a backpack, it is the perfect shield. The ‘elbow factor’ also helps protect your bag. Putting your elbow out gives out a message to the nasty ones. This trick can take you manage well through bus journeys, crowded trains, and long and multiple queues.

3. The lights keep burglars at bay

Call it paranoia, but entering a house that is pitch-dark can scare you. It can be fear of the dark or the fear of burglars breaking into the house. So, a small lamp or sometimes even leaving the kitchen lights on gives you some kind of peace. It is a mechanism to ensure passers-by have an impression that someone is home.

4. The laptop bag turns into a pillow during night journeys

There are days when you take the overnight train or a bus with your workload. This means you are carrying your precious laptop and you are its sole guardian. It is too risky to keep it below your seat or above your head on the luggage rack. There is one safe place though – underneath your head, as your pillow. And you can easily use clothes for some cushion.

5. Long phone conversations or blasting music to ensure you are wide awake

You just had a meeting which was rather endless and you can’t stop yawning. The thought of traveling all the way back when you are home is so far can get annoying. Even if you have a colleague offering you a drop or in case of a cab ride, you tell yourself to be wide awake. You don’t want to snap out of your sleep and land up in a place you didn’t want to go to in the first place. So you blast some music to be safe.

6. Can you spell your name for me, please?

At the end of a 25-minute long conversation, you realize you have no track of that person’s name. Then comes the moment to exchange numbers. The number flashes on your phone right in front of them and you don’t know what to save it as, so you just say, “I don’t want to spell your name wrong, so can you spell it for me?” That’s how you manage to get out of a socially awkward situation.

7. A big fat book to hide your face

Solo travelers can face a bit of a challenge when in bars or cafés. You could be sitting in a corner and reading a book or magazine to look like you don’t entertain random conversations. Or a planned skype call from your best friend works just great too.

8. Pranks work on spam callers too

There are days when you are swamped with those credit card and share market calls. There are times when someone is trying to get information out of you, without revealing much about them. If you’d just hang up, they would call back again from another number. You could turn the situation to a prank on the other person. Put the person on hold and speak as if you are an officer from the CBI, a cop or an official from the tax department.











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