8 Signs Of Ageing Skin And How To Care For It

8 Signs Of Ageing Skin And How To Care For It

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Your skin’s health depends on the kind of lifestyle you lead. Smoking, alcohol and sleep deprivation are factors lead your skin to age prematurely. Your skin starts to age a little by the time you’re 25 anyway, but these factors worsen it further.

Yes, it is true. Your face develops noticeable fine lines and wrinkles by the time you turn 25. They’re very mild at first, but become more prominent by age. An unhealthy lifestyle only makes things worse.

Here, we point out the signs of ageing skin and also give you solutions to take care of the same.

1. Saggy skin

Your skin starts to sag once it loses its proteins – collagen and elastin. In case you feel your skin is looser than before, you can do the following things to take care of it:

1. Use egg white as a face mask

2. Apply aloe vera extract to your skin

3. Include Vitamin C in your diet, as it boosts your collagen production

2. Strawberry nose

Strawberry nose is a condition wherein you see a lot of tiny blackheads on your nose. In case that happens to you, you can do the following.

1. Scrub your nose with an egg white and lemon mask

2. Avoid nicotine in any form – cigarettes or tea

3. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are fine lines that develop on your face (around eyes, nose, cheeks and so on). They are prominent signs of ageing and are unavoidable. However, you can control them with the following remedies.

1. Improve your diet (include a lot of A, C and E in it)

2. Massage your face with olive oil and aloe vera

3. Sleep well (at least 8 hours every night)

4. Dark spots

These spots occur due to an excess in the melanin (skin pigment) production by your skin as you age. If you’re seeing these spots right now, you need to:

1. Use sunblock. Use an SPF 30+ sunscreen.

2. Massage your face with lemon juice and wash it with water every night before bed.

5. Dullness

Another sign that says your skin is ageing is when you notice its dullness. You can take care of it with the following remedies.

1. Apply an oatmeal and honey mask on your face

2.Bleach your skin with lemon juice every night before bed

6. Tired eyes

In case your eyes seem tired and puffy, your skin is ageing earlier than it should. In such cases, the following remedies help.

1. Hydrate yourself

2. Use cucumber slices to rejuvenate the life of your eyes

7. Patchy skin

These patches might hover on your face. Here’s how you can treat them.

1. Eat a lot of citrus fruits (your skin NEEDS Vitamin C)

2. Apply warm honey on the affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

8. Dark circles

Dark circles are a prominent sign of ageing and they take away the shine from your face. Here’s how you can take care of it.

1. Sleep well. Sleep longer than 8 hours if you have been losing out on a lot of sleep.

2. Use cucumber slices to lighten the circles

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