8 Simple Tips To Ensure You Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Normal Delivery

8 Simple Tips To Ensure You Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Normal Delivery

19 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Pregnancy involves multiple risks that need to be tackled with in order for it to be safe. As beautiful as the journey seems, it’s also a tough one, as it brings about too many changes in your life.

Women today have choices when it comes to pregnancy, including the mode of childbirth they want to go for. However, in a doctor’s opinion, unless it’s a medical emergency, a normal delivery is always preferred and is a healthier option for you in the long run. C-sections may help reduce the “labour drama”, but it is not healthy postpartum. Hence, we suggest you go for normal delivery.

Here are 8 tips that will help you with having a normal delivery.

1. Mild exercise

Exercising is good during pregnancy. It keeps your hormones in check and ensures healthy fetal development.

2. Enough sleep

You must have proper sleep throughout your pregnancy to give your body enough rest. In case you skip or worsen your sleeping cycle, it might lead to preterm labour.

3. Hydration

Hydrate your body constantly. This is important for proper fetal development and even for your body to stay hydrated. It also helps relieve constipation, which can make you uncomfortable and lethargic, keeping you from eating well, sleeping and attempt to exercise.

4. Balanced diet

Make sure you keep a balance of all the nutrients in your body, especially iron for proper fetal growth. Not eating the right foods and not eating on time can lead to severe problems that will prove to be a major hindrance to your pregnancy.

5. Prenatal yoga

Yoga leads you towards a successful normal delivery with its incredible postures that put the correct amount of pressure on your uterus throughout.

6. Enough rest

Make sure you lead a stress-free life, as that happens to be another factor blocking your chances for a normal delivery.

7. No smoking/drinking

Don’t smoke or drink during pregnancy. These habits will harm your baby’s brain development and lead to preterm and even abnormal delivery.

8. Perineal massages

The massages reduce stress, helps you tackle labour efficiently and keep away joint pains and muscular tensions, thereby making way for a smooth and normal delivery.

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