8 Things A Father Should Do Make Sure His Daughter Loves Him

8 Things A Father Should Do Make Sure His Daughter Loves Him

13 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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1. Narrate stories to your sweetheart from an early age. Kids are very receptive and absorb quickly. I have been narrating stories to my daughter every night since she was 1 year old. Now the thing is that even when she goes for vacations she insists on my story telling over telephone.

2. Go for morning walk, cycling, or take the pram depending on the life stage of the daughter. Every morning I used to take my daughter for a morning experience and fed her breakfast on the way. Our mode changed from Pram to walk, run and cycling

3. Make her learn through experiences – I used our morning walks effectively to teach her new things. For example, when she was only a year old I was struggling to teach her how to understand the different colours available. I came up with an idea to teach her the same through cars. Loads of different cars are parked in the apartment and I asked her simple question. “What is the colour of this car?”. She got engaged on to this and started asking the question back to me and within few days she was on top of all the colours followed by the brand names of the cars.

Another example is about an experiment we did together to see the white rose turn into a coloured rose. She was all excited to wake up in the morning to see whether experiment really worked.

4. Expose her to multiple activities to gauge her interest levels – I have exposed her to multi faceted activities such as Dance, music, Squash, and Tennis. Not only do we perform or play together but also watch the same on television together. We have lots to discuss about these things creating a stronger bond

5. Help her with the daily morning nature calls – I am the one responsible for her Potty activities be it encouraging her to sit on the pot or cleaning her. This helps her to be comfortable with me and I use the time to teach her something new. Everyday I read her new books while she is sitting on the pot.

6. Take her out for exclusive date without mom: Once in a while I take her out all by myself and we build our own strong bond. The places could range from play areas, toy stores, restaurants, parks, zoo, to planetorium

7. Make sure that she gets to meet her first cousins – In today’s fast moving life we are moving more and more towards nuclear families. As a father we need to make sure that the kid gets to spend time with grandparents, go for vacations to cousins places and also invite the cousins to her place. I have seen my daughter experience incredible excitement when she meets her cousins and spend the vacations together

8. Fill the sibling gapHelp her make friends in the society where you live and encourage her to meet her school friends often – As we move towards a situation where our child doesn’t have siblings we need to make sure that the sibling experience is provided by 1-2 close friends in the vicinity.











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