8 Things Children Learn From Their Grandparents Xyz

8 Things Children Learn From Their Grandparents Xyz

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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We too have been children once and we too have done the same type of things our children do today, so who better to teach the life lessons to our kids than their grandparents. All the kids are absolute favourites of their grandparents and the grandparents too love their grand children more than they love their own children. So, obviously, the child will get spoiled a bit by them.

Here is a list of 8 things that children learn from their grandparents.

1. Story Time

Almost all kids get to hear the best of stories from their grandparents. Even we have the story time memories as the most cherished memories with our grandparents. These stories are not only entertaining, but also teach the most important of lessons in very easy ways, which we remember throughout our life.

2. The Struggle of Life

Grandparents can relate to a wide variety of struggles, which they themselves have faced or have seen others face. They even know the struggles that their children faced and hence, they are able to teach 2 generations worth of knowledge to the child. Since they are full of experiences, the child has no other option, but to sit and listen intently.

3. The Importance of Family

Families are the one true thing in everyone’s life and it is not easy to stay together in today’s fast paced world, but if you do live in a joint family, then that’s the best thing that could ever happen to you. The importance of families is often known best by the ones who have had the most life experience in their life because they are the ones who have gone through thick and thin with their family. Being taught a lesson on family bonding and family importance by a grandparent is one lesson that one can never forget.

4. Family History

We are all curious in knowing where we came from and what our family history is. There would hardly be a person who has never asked about his/her family history from their parents. And better than us, our parents know our family history, so we have someone to send our child to when they ask us about the history and sometimes, even we can hear about it again from our parents, as it was told to them by their parents.

5. The Good Old Games

The type of world the young generation lives in has a very rare concept of actually going out and playing. Probably, we too have forgotten those good old games of pithoo, ice and water, gilli danda and even kite flying, which used to be so much fun. How then will our children know about these exhilarating and joyous games? The best way for us to relive those memories and to teach our children about them is to ask their grandparents to teach them. It will indeed take us down memory lane and show our children actual, raw fun.

6. A World Without Gadgets

Ever wondered how our parents and grandparents used to live without all these gadgets we are so addicted to? And just imagine, if we are so addicted to them, what will be the level of addiction to gadgets among our children. Well, it’s time for us to teach our children how enjoying without technology works and maybe for us too to learn it. So, who better to teach us the non tech savvy ways of enjoyment than our grandparents. While it will be an important discovery for our children, we too might rediscover that child-like flare hidden somewhere underneath.

7. The Art of Living

“Everyone in the world knows how to stay alive, but there are very few who know how to actually live”. We all have heard this line, but have seldom given a decent thought to it. Our parents on the other hand have experience this and even if they have lived the same way as us in their youth, they know where they made mistakes and can guide their grandchildren through the true art of living, which is rarely seen in today’s fast-paced world.

8. Jack of All Trades

Our parents have seen the ever changing way of life for more years than we have and have experience in all sorts of things. We always want the best for our children in all walks of life and the best teacher for that are the grandparents. Their life is an example for them, parents and children to follow and learn from them the dos and don’ts of life.











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