8 Things You Will Relate To If You And Your Husband Are From Different States

8 Things You Will Relate To If You And Your Husband Are From Different States

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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When hearts meet, souls connect, interfaith or cross-cultural marriages hardly matter anymore. In fact, one in every 50 marriages is a cross-cultural marriage. There are a few strange, funny, and unique situations that seem to be tailor made for every cross-cultural couple. They can relate to these situations more than anyone.

1. The cool to not so cool alien fights:

The satisfaction that one experiences while fighting in their mother tongue are irreplaceable. It is normal for couples to fight. In a cross- cultural marriage or relationship, the fight goes to another level. A simple argument becomes an alien fight. Both partners shout their lungs out in their mother tongue. Mostly, the partners do not understand a word the other is saying, but the epic fight lingers on. A funny situation indeed!

2. When celebrations, fun, and frolic multiply thousandfold:

Festivals and unlimited fun are synonymous to each culture. They are a great stress buster. People look forward to the festivals with umpteen enthusiasm. In a cross-cultural marriage, the celebrations are of superlative degree. Couples get to celebrate and enjoy the best of both the cultures.

3. Cultural shocks that will beat the shit out of you:

Couples in a cross-cultural marriage can relate to this the most. A new culture brings in new rituals. A practice forbidden in one culture may top the priority list for the other. The situation gets dicey when one partner is a pure vegetarian while the other is a hardcore non-vegetarian. The situation worsens if the couple is staying in a joint family. With time and a little understanding, things, however, change for the better.

4. Teasing each other is a favorite hobby:

Couples love to tease each other. They enjoy the friendly banters the most. Couples in a cross-cultural marriage are no different. They leave no stone unturned to pinpoint each other weaknesses. Dialect to eating habits, superstitions to some weird practices, they spare nothing. The pseudo-fights are the cutest thing you will get to see. The fights are a unique way to express their love and admiration for each other. Strange but true!

5. Lip smacking delicacies are a reality:

The best part about a cross-cultural marriage is the food. Every state has its signature dish. Couples in a cross-cultural marriage get to binge on mouth savoring delicacies and cuisines from both the states. Visit your in-laws and a never before food bonanza awaits you.

6. A common link binds both the cultures:

A crosscultural marriage is not always about cultural differences. Little modifications here and there, you will be appalled to discover striking similarities between the two cultures. The similarities that act as a bridge to gap the differences between the couples or their families.

7. Attraction wreaks havoc:

A child’s attraction towards either of the parent’s culture can rock a couple’s paradise. Couples lose their sleep and peace over this. To make matter worse, grandparents join the bandwagon. Sensible couples ignore such a trivial matter. They find a way to make light of the situation and minimize the tension if any.

8. Mutual admiration society:

With each passing day, couples in a cross-cultural marriage get closer to each other. The admiration is genuine and heartfelt. They accept their partner, their beliefs, and culture.











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