8 Things You’Ll Get If Your Husband Actually Likes Housework

8 Things You’Ll Get If Your Husband Actually Likes Housework

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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One of the major perks of being a woman in the twenty-first century is that you aren’t expected to do all the housework alone or take care of the kids all by yourself, unlike your contemporaries in the sixties or seventies. The driving force behind this might be the fact that several women, especially in the past two decades or so, have joined the workforce in large numbers. In many families, both husband and wife are breadwinners and it’s only fair if they share the housework too. Most husbands have wrapped their heads around this fact and have started playing an active role in performing the household chores as well as bringing up the kids. What’s surprising is that most men not only don’t mind helping their wives but also enjoy it! Here are 8 things you’ll get if your husband actually likes housework.

1.Breakfast in bed

Oh dinner! If you want to sleep an extra half hour before getting up and about, or are too tired (lazy) to cook dinner, your husband doesn’t mind stepping in! You can just ask him to fill in for you, and he will be happy to do it!

2. Clean home

Home is always clean, even when you’re unwell or the maid doesn’t show up because your husband is there to look after everything. From cleaning the utensils to doing dirty laundry, he doesn’t mind any of it.

3. Girl’s nights

Because your husband is such a support with the housework, you feel free to make plans with your friends without having to worry about the million things that are to be done in the house. You are free to party till late and have a good time because your husband will either help you do them quickly, or do them for you.

4.No picking up his dirty socks off the floor

Because your husband likes helping you with housework, he keeps his stuff properly too. This means you don’t have to get his wet towels off the bed or smelly socks from under it. Bliss.

5. House parties

Because you have a partner who will help you clean the mess that follows every house party ever, you don’t shy away from being the host! Doing a million dishes, de-cluttering the house, dusting, sweeping, mopping and keeping everything back in its original spot doesn’t sound like the hefty task that it actually is.

6. Home-made lunch

If you’re working and are not in the habit of carrying homemade lunch, this is a major plus! Because your husband loves you and doesn’t want you either living off fruits or biscuits or junk the whole day, he makes and packs lunch for you! This is also so good for when you have kids.

7. Shopping partner

Whether it’s grocery shopping or picking out curtains for the living room, you know you have somebody who helps you do all this with all their heart! You don’t have to pick and choose vegetables, fruit, and cereals or spend hours in the handloom store alone!

8.You feel pampered

It is not the grand romantic gestures once a year that makes one feel loved, it’s the little things, everyday. Your husband doesn’t like you burdened with household chores and likes helping you around on the daily. He makes sure that you’re well rested and well fed and are not missing out on the fun things in life, just like you do for him. You just can’t stop telling everybody about how nicely your man treats you, can you?











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