8 Ways We Found Love After Having A Baby

8 Ways We Found Love After Having A Baby

24 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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From the moment, you carry your little bundle of joy home, you’re immediately overwhelmed with happiness, anxiety, fear and the desire to be the best parent. So, what do you do? You and your partner flip through a dozen parenting books, book the best play schools in the neighbourhood and make sure everything is perfect for your little one. Sure, now that you are raising a baby together, you share a much deeper connection but that spark you once shared seems to have fizzled out.

So, here are 8 ways to reignite that spark and make it burn even brighter once you’ve had a baby.

1. Date night! Date night! Date night!

date night

Several psychologists stress on this point to go out and share an adult evening together. Trust me you need it! After days of listening to cartoons, nursery rhymes and baby banter, a night out with your partner without any baby talk is essential to just refresh. So, call a trusted babysitter and go out for dinner. However, make it a rule to not indulge in any baby related talk. Talking about your baby non-stop is an easy trap to fall into. However, make a conscious effort not to and enjoy an adult conversation with your partner.

2. Move date night, home

date night at home

If finding a sitter is hard, set up a date night at home. Once you’ve put your baby to sleep, spend the rest of the evening watching a movie or playing a board game. Indulging in evenings remind you of the way things were before the baby. Moreover, a couple of minutes of each other’s company could make a huge difference

3. Create simple rituals

create bed time rituals

Making and committing to small rituals, build a routine and enables constant connection between couples. Creating simple rituals like spending at least 10 minutes before bed talking about how the other person’s day went, helps keep the significant other be up to date with all that’s going on in your life and be more in tune with each other.

4. Surprise your significant other

surprise your spouse

While you must value rituals, bringing spontaneity in your relationship keeps the relationship fresh and not dull. Surprise each other once in awhile with post its on the mirror containing a cute message or a massage after the baby sleeps helps make your partner feel loved.

5. Work as a team

work as a team

Remember that you’re in this together and work toward giving your partner a break. You realise the value of some time off as much as they do. So, have a talk with each other at the beginning of the week and schedule some time alone for yourself individually.

6. Make gifting special

gift each other

At times of occasion like a birthday or valentine’s day make sure to get your significant other something special. A day of pampering from your loved one is sometimes, all it takes to make them feel special. So, take some time and consideration into planning your gift for your partner.

7. Never stop courting each other

keep dating

Keep the love that you first brought into this relationship alive. Do the things you did as a couple before the baby came into a picture. Most couples focus most of their energy being parents that they forget how be a couple. So, caress your partner’s hair and kiss him when he does not expect it. Don’t let being a parent stop you from being a couple.

8. Go on double dates

double dates

Going out on a date with other couples who have children is de-stressing. It makes you feel like the two of you are not going through this alone. This, in a way makes you feel like you’re sharing the load of being a parent with other parents. A 2014 study by Wayne State University, revealed that couples who went on double dates with other couples were close with said they felt more affection towards their partner.

All in all, embrace the beauty and the pleasures your bundle of joy brings you despite, the few bumps along the way. Savour these moments as a couple as you watch your child together conquer milestones and relish in the little moments.











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