Q & A with Dr. Varsha Daryanani: How to deal with dental injuries of your child?

Q & A with Dr. Varsha Daryanani: How to deal with dental injuries of your child?

How many times has your child fallen down and injured his tooth?

If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, there's no need to worry about it or try to replace it. But if a permanent tooth is involved, it is considered a dental emergency. Permanent teeth have the best chance of survival if treated immediately.

Studies have shown that most dental injuries among preschool and school-age kids occur from falls whereas dental injuries in teenagers are often while playing sports.

What should you do?

If a toddler or young child injures the gums or baby teeth:

1. Start by applying pressure to the area (if it's bleeding) with a piece of cold, wet gauze. If your child is old enough to follow directions, ask him or her to bite down on the gauze.
2. Watch for swelling of the gums, pain, fever, or a change in the colour of the tooth. If there is a swelling in the mouth, let the child suck on some ice or hold an ice-pack wrapped in a napkin against the cheek or lip area.
3. You can give Crocin, Calpol or Ibugesic Plus to ease the pain. (Whatever the child is used to)
4. Contact your dentist and pay a visit to the clinic to be sure about the damage caused.


If a Permanent tooth is chipped or broken:

1. Collect all pieces of the tooth and preserve them in a container.
2. Rinse the mouth with warm water.
3. Call a dentist immediately and schedule an appointment.

If a Permanent Tooth is Knocked Out:

1. Find the tooth and call your dentist immediately if you aren't sure if it's a permanent tooth.
2. Hold the tooth by the crown and not from the root.
3. Place the tooth in a container of milk or your child's saliva. Do not store it in tap water.
4. Let your child bite down on a gauze pad or a handkerchief to relieve bleeding and pain.

Think Prevention!

Make sure kids wear sports-guards and protective gear for contact sports.

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