4 Things To Avoid When Your Baby Is Suffering From Cough and Cold

4 Things To Avoid When Your Baby Is Suffering From Cough and Cold

10 Jan 2022 | 3 min Read

Dr Pavitra Aralikatti

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Cold is a very common symptom during childhood ,however it helps in improving  the immune system of the baby to fight against infection.

Seeing your baby suffer from cough and cold is not at all pleasant. babies tend to become cranky, lose their appetite, have disturbed sleep, and get irritated very soon in such conditions. Maintaining good nutrition and choosing the right kind of medication to treat your babies is important for a faster recovery. But along with that, what most parents overlook are a few things that the babies should be kept away from that could possibly worsen their condition.

Avoid taking them to crowded places (malls, functions halls, traveling and best to avoid school for couple of days)

Having a cold makes a child feel sick and it’s stressful for them too, so traveling , change of place can delay the recovery time so if possible postpone your travel, and going into crowded places can make your child catch additional bacterial infections, when their immunity is down during cold.

4 such things that could delay their recovery or worsen their infection include:

Cold Foods and Drinks– Cold foods and drinks can lead to irritation and dryness in the throat. Consuming such foods when suffering from cough and cold can worsen the condition by irritating the inner lining of the throat. Avoid foods like; cold juices, ice creams, candies, etc. 

Dust – Babies tend to develop dust allergies really fast when they are suffering from cough and cold. The slightest exposure to dust(grass , pollens when their immunity is low can possibly worsen their condition and lead to other respiratory problems. (Passive smoking at home to be avoided)

Camphor– Surprisingly, camphor, that’s an ingredient for most of the vaporizing rubs used to relieve congestion and ease coughing can harm your little one. Camphor, when inhaled in a higher quantity can lead to toxicity in the body. Also, accidental ingestion of camphor-containing products can cause poisoning. It can cause vomiting, nausea, and also worsen the cold and cough.It is also best to avoid any scented sticks and perfume products.

Fried and Oily Foods – Oily and fried, spicy foods can damage the inner lining of the throat and cause irritation that can lead to increased coughing. Avoid giving such foods to your babies when they are suffering from cough and cold as it can worsen the infection and delay their recovery.

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