5 Benefits Of Physical Exercises During Breastfeeding

5 Benefits Of Physical Exercises During Breastfeeding

10 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Archana Mishra

Author | 2 Articles

Breastfeeding is quite a rewarding experience that provides extensive benefits to the baby and the mother. Besides being so rewarding and happy experience, it is also very challenging for the mother. The mother goes through a lot of physical pain, mental stress, fatigue, and posture issues while breastfeeding. It’s important to have some amount of self-care along with baby care in order to make the breastfeeding experience better. Exercising is one such solution to a few of the problems faced by mothers during breastfeeding. Here are a few ways exercising can benefit you during breastfeeding:

1. Help improve posture and reduce body ache

Breastfeeding mothers spend most of their time hunching over and sitting in uncomfortable positions while feeding that may result in body pain and build tension in the muscles. Breastfeeding mothers also face severe backaches due to the strain that they experience while holding their babies. Yoga distresses the muscles, relaxes the spine, and reduces the body ache caused.

2. Helps improve overall physical health

Yoga helps increase the oxygen and blood supply in the body, hence improving the overall health of the mother. It helps increase overall flexibility, joint stability and help reduce the excess weight gained during pregnancy.

3. Helps reduce stress and improve mental health

Breastfeeding can lead to a lot of stress and sleeping problems. Practicing breathing exercises can help calm the mind and reduce mental stress which can promote better sleep. Keep in mind that stress and fatigue can decrease your breast milk supply and put you at risk for breast issues like breast infections, so don’t over do your exercises. If you feel tired stop exercising for a while, take rest and restart it after some time.

4. Improves patience level

The stress and anxiety of the newborn and the breastfeeding experience can lead to irritability and stress in mothers. Exercising can help calm your mind and build the patience required for proper care and nursing of your newborn.

5. Helps you sleep well

With a newborn in the house, sleep is hard to come by, and most mothers will swear by it. Physical activity and exercise improve your sleep quality, and it holds true even during breastfeeding

Advice: Always consult your doctor or physio expert to know if it’s the right time to start yoga or any kind of workout after pregnancy.


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