5 Common Signs Of Dental Problems In Kids To Pay Attention To

5 Common Signs Of Dental Problems In Kids To Pay Attention To

10 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr Pavani Reddy

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As adults, we know how painful dental problems can get. Taking care of the dental problems as soon as the symptoms start developing is important to prevent the worsening of the conditions. Unfortunately, the situation isn’t the same with kids. Kids might be suffering from dental problems and they might not even realize it. As parents, you have to be attentive to a few signs and complaints that could be related to dental issues.

5 such signs that hint at dental problems include:

1. Frequent complaints of tooth and gum pain

Frequent tooth pain and gum pain are most commonly related to tooth decay. Improper brushing techniques can also lead to this kind of pain. If your kid isn’t flossing correctly it may lead to bacterial accumulation and cause oral and dental problems. Prolonged gum pain may lead to redness and bleeding that may worsen the dental problem.

2. Appearing spots on the teeth

Brown or white chalky spots or dark spots on the teeth are signs of developing teeth cavities. Improper teeth cleaning post every meal can lead to bacterial growth in the mouth and in and around the teeth and gums that can lead to tooth decay.

3. Chipping and cracking of the tooth

When kids do not follow good oral hygiene, they start developing cracked, chipped, or loose teeth. These signs are common in kids with oral cavities. The teeth start loosening from the gums or get chipped or crack from the end leading to its loss.

4. Developing holes in the teeth

Holes in the teeth are signs of serious tooth decay that indicated that the tooth has got eaten by the accumulated bacteria in the mouth. Bad oral hygiene, excess consumption of sugary and starchy foods are a few of the reasons for such conditions

5. Complaints of frequent tooth sensitivity

Suffering from sensitivity, especially while having cold, hot, or sugary foods is not a good sign. It is indicative of dental problems that will worsen over time if not taken care of.
Your kids might not always know that they are suffering from dental problems nor they might complain all the time. The best thing to do is to monitor their oral health as well as go for regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings to avoid serious dental problems.


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