Not Chewing Or Spitting Up: Is It That My Baby Doesn’t Like The Food?

Not Chewing Or Spitting Up: Is It That My Baby Doesn’t Like The Food?

14 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr Preetham Manoli

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Keeping the food longer in the mouth, not chewing or spitting out food is not the only sign of not liking the taste of the food. There could be other reasons too.


  • The texture of the food isn’t appropriate
  • The baby isn’t used to that new food
  • The baby is not able to chew or swallow the food
  • The portion of the food bite is too big
  • The teething pain is irritating them
  • They are facing difficulty in oral motor skills

The first thing to do during such times is to keep calm with your baby. Shouting or punishing your baby can worsen things. Instead, you can try the different ways mentioned below:

  • Switching from purees to solid foods directly does not work well with kids. Gradually change the texture of the food to let your baby adapt to it easily.
  • Feed a small portion of food in the baby’s mouth. Their motor skills are still developing. Feeding big portions to them can cause difficulty in chewing or swallowing. This can lead to coughing and spitting out of the food.
  • The motor skills of the baby could be improved by using a teether and any chewable baby-safe toys that can help the baby practice chewing. This can help to strengthen the baby’s face muscles (jaw, tongue, cheeks).
  • Pain and irritation due to teething can be handled by introducing homemade popsicles to your baby that helps to numb the gums and reduce the pain.
  • Make your baby’s mealtime fun and exciting by serving food in their favorite room, plate, spoon, bowl, etc.

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