2 Best Feeding Tips For Kids During Stomach Flu

2 Best Feeding Tips For Kids During Stomach Flu

17 Jan 2022 | 2 min Read

Nupur Agarwal

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Stomach flu or gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, and nausea. Excessive vomiting and diarrhea lead to dehydration in the body.

Severe dehydration in kids can cause decreased urination, weight loss, dry mouth, irritation, and other health problems. To prevent excessive dehydration due to stomach flu, manage electrolyte balance and provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins it’s important to follow the 2 best feeding tips, that are:

Give a lot of fluids to your kids:

Feed a lot of fluids to your kid. Since gastroenteritis/ stomach flu is marked by dehydration. Feeding your kid with lots of fluids when suffering from stomach flu helps rehydration.
Water should not be the sole fluid, include important electrolytes like sugar, salt, and other minerals or use oral rehydration solution (ORS).
Prefer feeding clear fluids like broth, coconut water, soups, and apple juice.
Avoid giving full fat milk, acidic juices (orange juice), and caffeine energy drinks as it can worsen the discomfort in the stomach. For the babies/ kids on breast milk and formula feeding, consult your doctor and feed as per the doctor’s suggestion.

Introduce solid foods slowly:

Start slowly introducing bland foods. Try feeding bananas, rice, chicken soups, and moong dal. Feed foods like watermelon, cranberry, and peaches that provide necessary vitamins and nutrients as well as help with hydration.
Dry cereals, crackers, roasted lotus seeds, cooked eggs, and boiled potatoes / sweet potatoes are a few healthy food options for stomach flu. Probiotics, also known as one of the best foods for the stomach, helps build good bacteria in the gut and improves gut health.
Avoid fried, sugary, acidic, and spicy foods as they can worsen the condition.

Along with a healthy diet, rehydration and plenty of rest, take your kids for regular check-ups to keep a check on the infection condition.


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